Welcome to the Writing Program space on NUCommons.

This is a multi-functional space for members of the WP to engaging in current affairs. Please feel free to use it to announce and share your work, make pitches for collaboration, and house all ongoing projects and documentation. As Laurie Nardone put it, “Think of the over-pinned bulletin board at the Food Co-op (don’t “OK, Boomer” me) or (gasp) Facebook–and the nifty little places for groups and videos and calendars.”

Overall, we hope that this site is a resource for community. Use the “feed” to post memes, to share articles on higher education and pedagogy, to ask questions. This feature is most like Facebook’s “timeline.” Send messages within subgroups to touch base about ongoing tasks–please reach out to Rachel Molko (molko.r@northeastern.edu) if you need to be added to a subgroup. Visit the “resources” tab to link out to Canvas resources.

So welcome to the Commons – you’ll want a minute to look around. But here are some highlights:

  • Updates from the Writing Program Director, Laurie Nardone, in the “Updates” tab
  • News
  • Opportunities (Service and Professional Development)
  • “Groups” for committees, working groups, mentoring groups, event coordinating, etc.
  • Writing Program Committee meeting minutes in “documents”
  • Links to Canvas
  • Calendar events like Coffee Hour and talks

If you would like to add anything to the resources or events calendar, please contact Rachel E. Molko (contact information below).

Directors of the Writing Program + Contact Information