Discussion Merge

  1. Once selecting merge users will be brought to a new page. First select the discussion topic to merge with this one. Note, the destination topic will remain the lead topic, and this discussion topic will change into a reply on that topic. For the other way, go to the other discussion topic and merge from that one. Also, all replies within both discussion topics will be merged chronologically. The order of the merged replies is based on the time and date they were posted. If the destination topic was created after this one, it’s post date will be updated to earlier than this one.
  2. At the top of the discussion board to the right, users have the option to favorite or subscribe to a discussion topic, if a topic is favorited or subscribed, a user can select to unfavorite or unsubscribe from the same place on the topic page.
  3. Next, select if topic subscribers, topic favoriters, and topic tags will merge to this new discussion topic as well.
  4. Select submit to merge the two discussion topics together.
Screenshot of the Merge Screen on for discussion topics.