Event Creation

My Events Page

  1. Select, “My Events” from the event’s toolbar.
  2. Select “Add New” to create a new event.
  3. If users would like to search, they can search with the search events bar.
  4. If users would like to search, they can search with the search events bar.
My Events Page

Event Creation

1. On add event page, add event name first.

2. Attach a group to the event. Only group and network administrators can do this.

3. Set the time of the event, including the day, time, and time zone.

Add Event Page, Event Name, Group, and When

4. Next, select if this even has a physical location, if it does have a physical location fill out the location or search location name by typing it into the location name, if it is not there, add a new location.

Event Creation - Where

5. Fill out the details of the event, be sure to include all necessary information for group members. If this is a zoom meeting be sure to include the link to the zoom call.

6. Add an event image if wanted drag and drop the image into the square image icon, or select “upload/change picture” be sure the image is a square 250px by 250px.

Create Event - Details and Event Image

7. If choosing to enable registration for the event, fill out the ticket settings.

8. Select “Close Ticket Editor” to save ticket settings.

Create Events - Bookings/Registration And Close Ticket Editor

9. If the event does have booking, be sure to fill out the total spaces and the maximum spaces per booking.

10. If the event does have booking, fill out the booking cut-off date.

11. After all fields are filled out, select “Submit Event”

Create Events - Event Options, Booking Cut-Off Date, Submit Event