1. On the files tab users are able to upload files to share with groups, other commons members, or anyone within the commons.
  2. The tabs on the files page, allows a user to move between all documents, documents that have been shared between friends or members.
  3. This is the tool bar for files. The options from left to right are:
    1. The icon of a page with a plus, is the add document button.
    2. The icon of a folder, is the create a folder button.
    3. The icon of four boxes with two crossed out, is the delete document button.
    4. The icon of three bars, is the stats button for all your documents.
  4. Next to the tool bar, is the filter for all documents. 
  5. On the right side of the toolbar, is the search for the documents.
  6. On the documents themselves, there is both the option to edit the document and to share the link to the document.
  7. To easily see how the document is shared, look at the icon in the upper right of the document. The icons and types of sharing is as follows:
    1. Three people – shared with other members on northeastern commons.
    2. Two candles – shared with friends on the commons.
    3. A key – it is a locked document a user will have to put in the password to view besides the user’s who’s document it is.
    4. A group of three balloons – shared with a group.
    5. An eye – shared with everyone on the commons.
    6. A lock – the document is private to only you.
Files in User Hub

Editing Files

  1. Add the name of the file.
  2. Add the description of the file for other users.
  3. Select the privacy preferences of the file. The privacy settings are public, private, password protected, restricted to friends, restricted to a group, restricted to members, or add to an existing folder.
  4. To save, select “edit” in the lower right. Or to cancel, select, “cancel” in the lower right.
Editing of Files in User Hub

User Hub Files Video