Group Activity Page

  1. The homepage of a group is the activity tab which is a place within the group where a member of the group or users of the commons can see all of the activity has taken place in the group. An activity is any action a member has taken within the group, this can be adding events, posting in the discussion form, new members joining, or making announcements.
  2. At the top of the group there the user’s email status for the group. To change email updates, select “Get email updates.”
  3. To filter through activity in the group, use the filter that is located under the group toolbar on the far right.
  4. Under each activity summary, there are options that allow a member to interact with that activity they are from left to right reply, favorite, delete, and spam. Depending on a member’s status within the group they will be able to see one or all of these options.
Screenshot of the activity tab on groups.

Group Activity Video