1. On the Groups tab users will be able to navigate between their group memberships, invitations to groups, and group events. They will also be able to quickly navigate to their groups.
  2. To filter groups navigate to the top right of the groups page and filter using the filter box.
  3. To navigate between a user’s membership use the three buttons at the top of the groups page.
    1. Memberships – are where a user can see all the groups, they are a part of.
    2. Invitations – are where a user can see all the invitations to groups sent to them.
    3. Events – a list of all the events happening in all the groups a user is a part of.
  4. The first example of a group, is one where a user’s is just a member of the group, this group has the option to leave the group, and a user is easily able to see their email updates.
  5. This second example of a group is where the user is an administrator of the group, they will not be able to leave group with an administrator status. They will have to change their status and put someone to an administrator to leave the group.
Groups within User Hub

Groups in User Hub Video