1. On the members tab users will be able to search for members, change members status to admin or moderators, remove some members from groups.
  2. Under the manage toolbar to search members, start by typing the first or last name of a member into the search bar.
  3. To Change status of members or to remove them from a group go to “Show Options” underneath their name.
    1. To Kick & Ban a user select, “Kick & Ban” Kicking and banning a user will make it so they cannot see the group anymore and will not be able to join the group again.
    2. To Promote to Moderator, select, “Promote to Mod”
    3. To Promote to Administrator, select “Promote to Admin”
    4. To Remove from the group, but not block the user from seeing the group, select “Remove from group”
  4. Under “Email status” you can change the email status of a member, to no email, weekly, daily, new topics, or all email.
Members on Manage Tab in Groups