Send Invites

Send Invites to Commons Members

  1. Users will only have the tab to Send Invites if they are an administrator or a moderator of a group. This tab is to be used to invite current commons members to the group, or to send invitations via email to Northeastern folks who are not yet members of the commons.
  2. To send invitations by email, select the “send invitations by email” button in the upper right of the page, it will open a new page where users will be able to invite new members.
  3. To search for current members to add, search by first or last name and select them as they come up.
  4. After selecting current members, select, “send invites.”
Sent Invites screen in groups.

Send Invites to Non-Commons Members

After selecting “send invitations by email” do the steps below to send out emails.

  1. Fill out emails (maximum of 5 emails at a time).
  2. Customize the text of the invitation to their users.
  3. Select which groups users will be invited to once creating an account. 
  4. Select “send invites” to send invites to the emails.
Send Invites page from User Hub

Send Invites Video