Service-Learning Fall 2019 YMCA ILC Partnership

      • The YMCA of Greater Boston is dedicated to improving the health of mind, body and spirit of individuals and families in our communities. The YMCA International Learning Center of Greater Boston strives to provide services for our communities through adult English education.
      • Data Analysis: The goal of this project would be to analyze food insecurity within immigrant communities in Boston, and specifically food insecurity within our students studying English at the YMCA International Learning Center. We are wanting to be able to provide better, healthier food options to our students and are looking for a way to do so substantially at our school.
      • Classroom Assistant: We are looking for individuals who are dedicated to bettering the lives of immigrants and refugees in multiple capacities. The position of classroom assistant allows students to work directly in the classroom with an ESOL teacher to provide additional classroom support, assistance in lesson planning and execution, in-class student tutoring, and more. Students are welcome to bring their educational experiences to the classroom to better assist our students to learn English. Specific roles in this class will vary depending on the needs of the teacher and can be combined with our one-on-one tutoring program if interested.
      • Tutor: We are looking for individuals who are dedicated to bettering the lives of immigrants and refugees in multiple capacities. We want enthusiastic people to join our team and help our students achieve their goals. One on one tutoring is a resource the YMCA ILC provides to all of our students to give students the opportunity to receive personalized instruction in aiding in their English learning outside of the traditional classroom. Tutoring can be catered to the needs of the volunteers as well, for example if there are Northeastern students who are wanting to specifically work with speakers of a specific language, that can be done here at the ILC.
      • Workshop Facilitator (food justice):This workshop facilitator position is focused specifically to work with the Food Justice and Social Change course. With their shorter term serving at partner sites, we had an idea of creating a short workshop series educating our students on the issue of food insecurity, what does food justice look like, and then resources are available for students to get involved in their own communities. Many of our students are food insecure and would benefit from better understanding how food programs work in the US, and there are also students who may not understand the need we have in our communities and educating them on the importance of food justice and how they can contribute would be very beneficial as well.
      • Workshop Facilitator (group conversation): We are looking for motivated individuals with a passion for teaching to co-lead and facilitate conversation groups at the YMCA International Learning Center. There is an existing conversation group held at the ILC that has had great success, and we are looking to expand our resources to add an additional conversation group opportunity for students. This role would be facilitating conversation practice for our adult ESOL learners once a week, co-leading a conversation club with another former student volunteer, and assisting with the maintaining of other conversation groups and clubs at the YMCA ILC. Facilitating a conversation group requires some lesson planning preparation, but primarily focuses on allowing students the opportunity to meet together and just practice talking in English. This conversation is casual, and the main responsibility will be to make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak and conversation continues with some supplemental vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation help along the way.