Creating a Discussion

Creating a Discussion Page

After selecting, New Discussion:

  1. ​In the first text field put the title of the discussion.​
  2. In the next text field, put the first message of the discussion. This will show up only on the discussion's specific page, not the discussion board list.
  3. If wanted, users can attach a photo, a document, or add emoji's.
  4. The next text field is the tag field, this allows users to add tags to the discussion topic, which can be filterable on the discussion page.
  5. Under the Type drop down select normal or sticky. A normal discussion post would be bumped down the list when other discussion posts are made. A sticky discussion post sticks to the top of the discussion board list.
  6. Next, users can select if they would like email notifications when someone responds to the discussion post.
  7. Select Post to post the discussion topic.

Creating a Discussion Video