On the discussions page users are able to create discussions and respond to others discussions.

1. View Group Discussions

Select "Discussions" from the left navigation of groups.

2. Subscribe to Discussion Board

Select the "Subscribe" button at the top right of the Discussion page to subscribe to the discussion board. When a user subscribes to a discussion board it means they will get a notification in the platform each time a new discussion post is created for the group and a email to their email if that option is selected in their Email Preferences. Users can subscribe to multiple group discussion boards, and view all within their Discussions Page on their profile.

3. Create New Discussion

Select "New Discussion" to create a discussion at the top right of the Discussion Page.  Once selected users fill out a pop-up at the bottom of the page. For more info see, Creating A Discussion.

4. View Discussion Page

Select a discussion topic to view that discussion.

Discussions Video