Documents Page within Groups

1. View Group Documents

Select "Documents" from the left navigation of groups.

2. Search Group Documents

To search the documents, use the search bar at the top of the documents page.

3. Upload Documents

Select "Upload files." Using the pop-up navigate to the file to upload it, and use the text box in the pop up to contextualize the file.

4. Create Folder

Select "Create Folder."

5. Document File Structure

This is an example of a document, each document has a name, modification date (users can upload the same document again with the same name and the system change the last modified date), and visibility.

6. Edit Document Information

Each document has a three dot icon to the left, by clicking this icon users have a few settings of the file based on permissions

  • ​Download, download the file to user's own computer.
  • Copy Download Link, get a link to this file for others to download it.
  • Rename, users are able to rename the document.
  • Move, this allows users to move the document from folder to folder.
  • Delete, this deletes the file.

Documents Video