Documents on Profile Page

1. View Documents

Select "Documents" from the user navigation.

2. Search Documents

Click into the search bar, to search the documents uploaded to the platform. located to the upper right of the documents tab.

3. Upload Files

Select "Upload files."

4. Create Folder

Select "Create Folder."

5. Document File Structure

This is an example of a document, each document has a name, modification date (users can upload the same document again with the same name and the system change the last modified date), and visibility.

6. Edit Document Information

Select the three dots icon to the right of the document to edit. Editing options are:

  • Download
  • Copy Download Link (A great way to share documents in private messages)
  • Edit privacy, which the options for that are
    • Public
    • All Members
    • My Connections
    • Only Me
  • Rename
  • Move (put into a folder and move between folders)
  • Delete ​

Documents Video