Group Activity

Activity Page

1. Post a Status

At the top of the page the status box is where users can post an update for other users on the commons.

  • In the status box users can attach images or files, the buttons to do this are at the bottom of the status box.
  • Users can select to post to profile (which means it would show up on their Timeline) or a group, the dropdown is at the bottom left of the status box.
  • Users can decide who can see the post, at the bottom left of the status box
    • "Public" means anyone looking at the commons will see the post.
    • "All Members" means that only users who are logged into the commons can see the post.
    • "My Connections" means users who are in the user's network can see the post.
    • "Only Me" mean only the users will be able to see the post.
  • After crafting the post select "Post Update," located on the bottom right of the status bar.

2. Filter Activity

Users are able to filter activity by the selecting the following filters located underneath the status box, note these filters respect the privacy of various groups, posts, and users.

  • ​All Updates - This shows all updates on the commons.
  • ​My Network - This will show all updates of the user's network.
  • ​My Groups - This will show all updates of the group's users belong to.
  • ​Mentions - This will show all mentions of the user on the commons.
  • ​Likes - This will show the user's liked comments.
  • ​Following - This will show the user all of the activity of those who they follow.

3. Search Activity

Users can search activity using the search box, under the status box to the right.

4. Respond to Activity

For each activity post, users can either like or comment on it. If it is a user's own activity they can choose to delete or edit it.

Group Activity Video