Invites on Groups

The Invites tab will appear for those who are allowed to invite others to the group. Users can invite any other user on the platform to the group.

1. View Invites

Select "Invites" from the left navigation of groups.

2. Send Invites

To send invites, Select "Send Invites" at the top of the invites section.

3. View Pending Invites

To see pending invites for the group, select "Pending Invites" at the top of the invites section.

4. Filter Member's to User's Own Network

Check the "My Network" option.

5. Search Members to Invite

Use the search bar in the upper left of the section of the page, to find members of the Commons to Invite.

6. Select Member for Invite Message

Select the + icon to the right of member's name to add to the group.

7. Add Invite Message

Add a message to the user(s) an invite to using the text box to the right of the section.

8. Send Invite

Select "send" at the bottom right to send the invites.

Invites Video