Members Page Help

Members Page

1. View All Members

Select "All Members" to view all members on the upper left.

2. View User Network

Select "My Network" to view all members who are a part of the user's network.

3. View Following Users

Select "My Following" to view all members the user follows.

4. Filter Members by Type

Select the filter "All Members" to filter between all members and professors on the upper right of the members tab.

5. Filter Members

Select the filter "Recently Activity" to filter between: Recently Activity, Newest Members, and Alphabetical.

6. Change to Grid or List View

Select grid or list on the upper right to change the view.

7. Search Members

To search members, use the search box on the right sidebar.

8. Clear Search

Select "Clear Search" at the bottom of the search box, to clear the previous search.

9. Members Tile

On a member tile, user's can see that member's name, photo, and activity.

10. Add Member to Network

Select the Connect icon on the bottom ​left of the member tile. Connecting to someone can allow for you to have them view more private information on your profile depending on your privacy settings.

11. Private Message User

Select the message icon on the bottom right of the member tile.

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