Members within Groups

The members page in the group is a list of the organizers, moderators, and members.

1. View Member's Page

Select "Members" from the left navigation of groups.

2. Search Members

To search members, use the search box at the top of the member's tab.

3. Follow a Member

Select, "Follow" on member's tile to follow them, on the right of the member title. Following a member means users can see their public facing activity on the commons.

4. Add Member to Network

Select "Connect" to send a connection request to the user, on the bottom left of a member tile. That user has to accept the request to connect. Once that happens they will appear on the user's My Network page.

5. Send Private Message to Member

Select "Message" to private message that user, on the bottom right of the member tile. After selecting that option users will be brought to the private messaging page.

Members Video