Messages on Groups

​Sending messages to all group members is possible with groups. These messages don't appear in the group however, they appear in Private Messaging.

1. View Group Message Creator

Select "Messages" from the left navigation of groups.

2. Send Group Message to All Members

Check the "Select All" box at the top of the messages section.

3. Send Group Message to a Group of Users

First delete the "All Group Members" in the send message to box. Then select the members from the member list to the left.

4. Create Message

Type message in the text field to the right. User's can choose to attach photos, documents, or use emojis in the message.

5. Select Group Thread or Private Reply

Selecting group thread means everyone will be able to view everyone's reply. Private Reply means each users reply will be separate to the organizer of the group.

6. Send Message

Select, "Send Message" at the bottom right to send message.

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