My Network

My Network Page

1. View Your Network

Select "My Network" from the user navigation.

2. View Members in Your Network

Select "My Network" from the My Network menu to view all the of members you are connected with.

3. View Connection Requests

Select "Requests" from the My Network's menu to view all member's requests to be added to your network.

4. Filter Members

Select "Recently Active" on the upper right of the My Network's tab to filter by:

  • Recently Active
  • Newest Members
  • Alphabetical

5. Change View to Grid or List

To change the view of members from grid to list select either option in the upper right.

6. View Member's Profile

To view one of the members profile select the member from the list.

7. Message Member

To message the member, select the message icon at the bottom right of the member box.

My Network Video