Profile Page


Profile Page

1. View a user's social media

Select the icon of the social media to view.

2. View User's Profile

Select "Profile" from the user's navigation.

3. Edit Profile

Select "Edit Profile" on the upper right of the profile tab.

Editing Profile

Edit Profile Page

  1. After selecting Edit Profile, select "Edit."
  2. To edit profile photo, select "Profile Photo" on the left menu.
  3. After editing your information select "View My Profile."
  4. Select which part of your profile you would like to edit, the parts are
    • Details
    • Social
    • About
    • Education
    • Academic Interests
    • Publications
    • Projects
    • Talks
    • Press
  5. After selecting which to edit, fill out the fields associated with that profile part.
  6. Select, "Save Changes" after each sections edit.

Profile Video