Replying to Group Discussions

Replying to Discussion on Discussion Page

  1. At the top right of a discussion thread there are three buttons that control aspects of the discussion post.
    • Close Discussion Post this closes the discussion thread, no one will be able to continue to comment on the thread.
    • Sticky this makes the discussion post stick to the top of the discussion topics list on the Discussion tab.
    • Favorite this allows users to access this discussion board through their Discussions page on their profile.
  2. This is a discussion message.
  3. To reply to the discussion message, select the arrow located in the right of the discussion message. Next to the reply arrow is a three dot icon which opens the settings of that reply from top to bottom those settings are:
    • Edit, selecting this will allow the user to edit their own messages.
    • Close, selecting this will close the discussion forum.
    • Move, selecting this will allow the user to move this discussion message to another discussion forum.
    • Merge, selecting this will allow users to merge this discussion post with another.
    • Split, this allows the user to make this message it's own discussion forum in the group.
    • Spam, this allows the user to report the message or discussion forum as spam.
    • Trash, this allows the user or a moderator to delete the message from the forum.
  4. Reply to first prompt, by selecting the arrow to the post prompt to the right of the posting.
  5. Select "Subscribe" to get notifications of new posts for this discussion forum.

Replying to Group Discussion Video