Engaging Geography in the Humanities

Engaging Geography in the Humanities

A Summer Institute which explored the possibilities and productive tensions at the intersection of geography and the humanities.
Digital Humanities Quarterly

Digital Humanities Quarterly

An open-access, peer-reviewed, digital journal covering all aspects of digital media in the humanities.
Boston Area Research Initiative

Boston Area Research Initiative

An interuniversity partnership that pursues original urban research on the cutting edge of scholarship and public policy.
Over an illustration of a ship, the text reads "Oceanic Exchanges: Tracing Global Information Networks in Historical Newspaper Repositories, 1840-1914"

Oceanic Exchanges

A project tracing Global Information Networks In Historical Newspaper Repositories from 1840-1914 across six countries.
Map of the US with pins on it.

NU Law Lab

An interdisciplinary team working to imagine, design, test, and implement pioneering approaches to legal empowerment.
Map of a network with nodes and lines.

Network Science Institute

A multi-disciplinary research community supporting innovative research and training in network science.
Image of different AI conversations.

Algorithmic Bias in AI-Assisted Conversations

This project examines the similarity of Google’s Smart Reply suggestions to replies generated by a diverse set of people.
Infographic on Different Black Architects base don their time period of work.

Black Architects Archive

A web-based, interactive repository that maps the genealogy of black architects from the 1800s to the present.
Ad that says, Visualize, Store, and Share You TEI


Provides Text Encoding Initiatives based projects a platform for organizing and publishing their encoded texts.
Group of slightly blurry newspaper scans.

NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks

A Center for Digital Humanities and Computational Social Science supporting researchers on Northeastern's campus.
Map of Downtown Boston

Boston Research Center

A digital community history lab where Boston’s deep neighborhood and community histories are brought to light through the creation and use of new technology.
Experience Solution Sprint Logo

Experience Solution Sprint – Toronto

Brings researchers together with experts to collaborate on solutions to the world’s biggest problems, using collective experience as a guide.

Humanics is the study of human nature or human affairs. Northeastern Libraries is dedicated to providing resources, space, and support for humanics projects at Northeastern University.