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Hi! I’m the Northeastern Commons Coordinator. I help develop the Northeastern Commons, envision the future of the platform with users, and manage day to day operations.

My experience with user research, UI design, visual design, and web development help me evaluate and then improve upon existing designs. I believe in listening to the user in creation of new systems and designs. When working with stakeholders I use systems thinking to build out a plan for Commons use that fits within their information systems. When I look to envision the future of the platform I turn to participatory design and collective creativity over innovation.


University of Wisconsin at Madison May 2017

Art Education & Communication Arts & Certificate in Digital Studies

UNC-Chapel Hill May 2020

MSIS with emphasis on Human Computer Interaction & Certificate in Digital Humanities


Barriers 05/12/2020

My Global Storytelling class’s assignment for the semester was to research, interview, and share the stories of people in Belize about their relationship to their environment. I was part of the interactive team which designed and implemented the website. I was one of two developers that coded the multimedia long form journalism website.


Making Space 04/14/2020

Webinar presented for the Business Reference and Services Section Online Symposium


Digital Humanities Collaborative of North Carolina